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St Thomas' Church of England
Primary & Nursery School

Vision and Values

Our Mission Statement 


Jesus said, "Come, follow me and live your life the way God wants you to." 


Our Core Christian Values 


We have an identified six core values: compassion, thankfulness, respect, responsibility, peace, forgiveness and encompassing all of these is the value koinonia. These values are based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our point of reference is the Bible. Each half term the whole school will focus on one particular value to explore at a deeper level. We have also adopted a lighthouse as an emblem, each colour on our lighthouse represents a different value.


Whilst we believe that every child should achieve their full potential in the image of God, we are committed to ensuring we develop the whole child, linked to the Church of England’s vision July 2016 of “life in all its fullness”



At St. Thomas Primary School, we are committed to promoting British values and preparing our students to become responsible, respectful, and tolerant citizens of the future. We actively promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs. These values are woven throughout our curriculum and daily school life. Through our curriculum, assemblies, and various activities, we provide opportunities for students to develop an understanding of, and respect for, different cultures, religions, and ways of life. By embedding British values into our ethos, we ensure that our students grow into well-rounded individuals who are prepared to contribute positively to society.


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