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What are the dropping off arrangements for children?


The school gate opens at 8.50am. Our junior children (Year 3-6) should walk around and go straight in to their classrooms; this is to ensure that no child is left unsupervised on the yard before school. Our Infant children must be dropped off at their class doors by an adult.


Children who are walking to school by themselves must not arrive before 8.50am as there will be nobody to supervise them and parents remain responsible for their child until they enter the school side gate. If a child arrives before 8.50am they will need to be booked into our school breakfast club.


What happens if my child is late for school? 


The side gate will close at 9.00am. If your child arrives after this time, they will have to enter via our school office and will receive a late mark.


Can my child walk to and from school by independently?


If parents choose to let their child travel to/from school independently, then they should assess the risks associated with the school route and their own child’s confidence. Parents should work with their children to build up their independence, while walking to and from school together, through route finding, road safety skills and general awareness. We will only ever agree to allow children from Year 6 to walk home independently but this must be with prior written permission from parents and agreed by school.

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