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Pupil Leadership Teams

Pupil Leadership Teams at Our Primary School


At St. Thomas', we are committed to fostering leadership skills in all our pupils. To achieve this, we have established a range of pupil leadership teams for our Key Stage 2 children, each focusing on different aspects of school life. What makes these teams special is that they are entirely pupil-led. At the beginning of the school year, all Key Stage 2 pupils have the opportunity to nominate themselves for the leadership team they are most interested in. Through a fair and democratic voting process, each team is formed, ensuring that every pupil has a chance to contribute to the school community in a meaningful way. Here is an overview of our pupil leadership teams:


School Council: The School Council gives students a voice in school decision-making processes. Members of the council work together to discuss issues and ideas raised by their peers and represent the student body in meetings with school staff.


Worship Committee: The Worship Committee plays a vital role in planning and leading collective worship within the school. Students on this committee help to organise and deliver collective worship as well as prayer events, ensuring that they are inclusive, engaging, and reflective of our school values.


Reading Ambassadors: Reading Ambassadors are passionate about promoting a love of reading within our school community. They organise reading events, recommend books, and help to run the school library. They also support younger students in developing their reading skills.


Eco Committee: Our Eco Committee is dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness within our school. Members of this committee initiate and lead projects that help to reduce our environmental impact, such as recycling initiatives and energy-saving campaigns.


The Arts Ambassadors: The Arts Ambassadors promote creativity and artistic expression within our school. They help to organise art, music, and drama events, as well as showcase the artistic talents of our students. They also work to ensure that the arts are integrated into all aspects of school life.


Humanities Team: The Humanities Team explores and celebrates the diverse cultures and histories of our world. Members of this team organise events, presentations, and projects that help to broaden our understanding of different societies and promote cultural diversity within our school.


Sports Leaders: Sports Leaders help to promote physical activity and sportsmanship within our school. They organise and lead sports events and activities, as well as encourage their peers to participate in physical education and extracurricular sports.


Diversity Team: The Diversity Team celebrates the unique backgrounds and identities of all members of our school community. They work to promote inclusivity and equality, organizing events and initiatives that raise awareness of different cultures, religions, and experiences.


Caring in the Community Team: The Caring in the Community Team focuses on supporting others and making a positive difference in our local community. They organize fundraising events, volunteer initiatives, and community outreach projects, demonstrating the importance of kindness and compassion.


Through their involvement in these pupil leadership teams, all Key Stage 2 pupils develop a wide range of important skills, including teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and leadership. They also learn the value of responsibility, empathy, and making a positive contribution to their school and community. By empowering our students to take on leadership roles and giving them a voice in the running of the school, we believe that we are helping to shape confident, compassionate, and socially responsible young people.

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