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Our Behaviour Curriculum - 'The St. Thomas' Way'



At St Thomas, we want to prepare our pupils for the life that lies ahead of them and believe that explicit teaching of outstanding behaviour is an integral part of this. Our Beacons of Light curriculum has been designed to build our pupils character, preparing them for a successful future, and our behaviour curriculum really is at the heart. Through our behaviour curriculum, we teach outstanding behaviour through clear expectations, routines and opportunities for all staff and children to rehearse, model and refine these behaviours. We want our pupils to understand how and why we behave and to have frequent opportunities to practise doing so, in order for these behaviours to become intrinsic in their day to day lives. Our behaviour curriculum is designed to be accessible for pupils from Nursery to Year Six and is adapted to suit the needs of all pupils including those with SEND and other additional needs – we want every child to succeed.


We have three key school rules that run through everything that we do, decided upon by staff and children. These three rules define our STAR behaviours (the behaviours we expect to see consistently around school):  


Be Ready (Learning Behaviours)

Be Respectful (Etiquette)

Show Love (Values) 


Routines and Expectations for All  

At St. Thomas', we believe that a structured and supportive learning environment is essential for our students to thrive. That's why we have established a set of routines and expectations based on research, including the work of educational experts like Tom Bennett. Tom Bennett states, ‘It is the duty of every adult to help create in students the habit of self-restraint or self-regulation.’ These routines are designed to create a positive and productive atmosphere where every student can reach their full potential. By adhering to these expectations, our students develop essential skills such as responsibility, respect, and self-discipline, preparing them not just for academic success but for success in all areas of their lives.


We have a point system designed to encourage children to become intrinsically motivated to achieve our STAR Behaviours. Our point system is used by all staff members and runs hand in hand with our rules and expectations. Our pupils are awarded points for outstanding behaviour. We do not give out physical rewards or prizes such as sweets or toys; we instead hold a weekly celebration assembly and a very prestigious end of term ‘STAR’ awards to celebrate excellent behaviour – we believe the best reward is the feeling our pride knowing you have achieved great things. Our children can achieve a bronze, silver and gold STAR Award within a school year, based upon the number of points they earn. 

St. Thomas' Achievement & Recognition (STAR Awards)

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