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Remote learning in the event of an individual or class self-isolating 


In the event of a school closure, the school is committed to providing continuity of education to its children and will do so through a process of remote (online) learning. Extensive remote learning would apply particularly in a situation in which the school is closed for an extended period of time, but a high proportion of children and teachers are healthy, and able to work as normal from home. Our Remote Learning Policy does not normally apply in the event of short-term school closures (e.g. as a result of inclement weather) or a short-term student absence.


Remote learning may also be appropriate in situations when children, in agreement with the school, have a period of absence but are able to work at home, at least to some extent. This may apply in cases such as longer-term illness, assuming children are able to complete school work at home. Another relevant instance would be if, following an infectious disease outbreak, children are self-isolating at home but are not suffering with relevant symptoms.


There is no obligation for the school to provide continuity of education to children who are absent from school, with or without parental permission, in contravention to school or government guidance. This may apply, for example, if parents choose to take children on holiday during term time. Similarly, this would apply if a child is absent from school, without prior agreement with the school, for example keeping a child off ‘as a precaution’, against official guidance, in the event of an outbreak of infectious disease.


Our Remote Learning Policy will continue to be under review and may be revised as necessary in light of further experience of remote learning and the circumstances around its necessity. For example, the extent to which different methods of instruction are employed is likely to be determined by the length of any school closure and the ability of both children and teachers to participate in remote learning.

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