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St Thomas' Church of England
Primary & Nursery School

Equal Opportunities

Statement of Intent


At St. Thomas’ we seek to foster warm, welcoming and respectful environments, which allow us to question and challenge discrimination and inequality, resolve conflicts peacefully and work and learn free from harassment and violence. We strive to provide educational excellent for all our pupils by delivering a high quality education which ensures the best possible outcomes for all.


St. Thomas’ is further committed to the development of cohesive communities both within our school’s physical boundaries and within our local, regional, national and global environments by building on our similarities and seeking enrichment from our differences. We are hospitable to diversity, respect freedom of religion and invite and embrace the collaboration of differences to create inclusive processes and practices, where the varying needs of individuals and groups are identified and met. We note the rights set out in the UN convention on the Rights of the Child, therefore we cannot achieve equality for all by treating everyone the same.


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