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St Thomas’ CE Primary SEN Information Report 2020-21

Definition of Special Educational Needs

“A pupil has SEN where their learning difficulty calls for special educational provision, that is provision that is different from or additional to that normally available to pupils of the same age.” The New Code of Practice 2014

At St Thomas’ we do our best to ensure that every child with SEND gets the support they need to make progress and be part of school life. All children will have access to a broad and balanced curriculum and high expectations will be set for all pupils, relevant to their prior attainment. Potential areas for difficulty will be identified and addressed as soon as possible. Lessons will take account of possible areas of difficulty so that any barriers to achievement can be overcome, through inclusive teaching, where possible.

We provide support for pupils across the four areas of need as laid out in the SEND Code of Practice 2014:

· Communication and interaction

· Social, emotional and mental health difficulties

· Sensory and/or physical needs

· Cognition and learning

The categories are used in order to plan additional provision for children who need support; however, identification of a specific type of need is not necessary to put a support plan into place. Equally, the identification of a type of need does not automatically call for the implementation of SEND support. It will often be the case that children have needs across more than one category, and our priority is to gain a good understanding of how the pupils learn to ensure provision is appropriate, rather than focussing on the category of need.


Sefton’s Local Offer

Here is the link to the Local Offer for the authority of Sefton, which can help you to understand what services you can expect, and what is available from a range of agencies:


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