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The Music Curriculum at St Thomas'

High-quality music education engages and inspires pupils to develop an appreciation of music and also increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. Teachers are given a variety of resources and CPD which enable them to maintain high expectations during music lessons and allow them to deliver high quality teaching. As a result of this, pupils will develop knowledge, skills and understanding in music and will maintain their curiosity, interest and enjoyment.

Experiences and Life Skills
St Thomas’ offers an abundance of musical experiences and life skills. Starting in KS1, every lesson will conclude with a mini performance. This will develop the pupils’ confidence as performers whilst at the same time celebrate their developing musical achievements. At the end of each unit, the class will perform for an audience, for example in STAR assembly, or within the wider community. Through learning basic musical concepts in Key Stage 1, children then go on to learn two musical instruments (guitar and drums) in KS2 to apply their knowledge practically. Through this experience, children have the opportunity to perform in pairs, small groups and as a class. They can showcase their talents to peers, teachers and parents in concerts.
Jesus said, ‘Come follow me, live your lives the way God wants you to.’
Music has a rare and unique ability to bring people together both in school and in the wider community. Throughout their time at St Thomas’, children are involved in the musical life of school by being involved in various productions and assemblies. Performance opportunities are offered during musical mornings. The school offers instrumental tuition during school time as well as musical after-school clubs including choirs. All pupils in Key Stage 2 have an opportunity to join the school choir.
Our ultimate aim is to inspire children during their primary education in music and give them life skills and experiences that they can maintain into high school and throughout their adult life.

Celebrate Diversity
Diversity is celebrated by exposing children to a variety of genres within their music education at St Thomas’. Music is one of the central building blocks of any culture and the shared knowledge of music is crucial in understanding where we came from and our place in the world. When children leave St Thomas’, they will have an understanding of music from different cultures, backgrounds and moments of time in history. Genres of music covered include world music, jazz, folk and classical. The songs and pieces will be taught with cultural and political links where appropriate to further implement understanding and to show how music can have an influence on society. St Thomas’ celebrates a hall of fame in music which celebrates 7 key composers over music history. Children have the opportunity to listen to these chosen composers in the classroom, in the hall during assembly and during lunchtime. By the end of their time at St Thomas’, children will be able to name 7 classical composers and name a few facts about them. This gives children a greater understanding of classical music and broaden their horizons on the subject.

Christian Values
Worship is a daily part of life at St Thomas’ where our Christian Values are illustrated through music. The school comes together to celebrate the life of Jesus and the children have singing assemblies where they learn hymns and religious songs. Performance opportunities are given at different stages of the church calendar such as Harvest and Easter. Year groups are assigned to be involved in a celebration which guarantees children are involved in each festival by the time they leave St Thomas’ and they can also see how music can strengthen their religious beliefs.

Reading and Vocabulary
Vocabulary is an important part of a music lesson. The teacher will introduce the children to the new vocabulary, including an action to help with recall.
Reading is developed by KS1 children reading the STAR words for each lesson. In KS2, both rhythmic and staff notation will be introduced and the children will learn how to read music while they play their instrument. This allows pupils to be taught music independently both in class and after they have left school. Reading music is a wonderful skill, it can be interlinked with other instruments they may wish to learn and it is a skill that can be used throughout their lives as their musical ability progresses.

Knowledge Rich and Academic
Jesus said, ‘Come follow me, live your lives the way God wants you to.’
Children at St Thomas’ will have a deeper understanding of composers through the ages. They will learn the different periods of music and be able to name a few composers from each period. Children will have an awareness of different musical styles and forms of pieces. In addition, they will also have a firm understanding of the different elements of music and how they are inter-linked. There will be progression in knowledge in areas such as rhythm, pitch, structure, harmony, texture, dynamics, and instrumentation.

Take a look at some of our musical enrichment opportunities

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