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Knowledge Organisers

What are knowledge organisers? 


At our school, we use knowledge organisers to support children in retaining important knowledge and concepts across various subjects. Knowledge organisers are condensed summaries of key information, including facts, vocabulary, and key concepts, which children are expected to learn. These organisers help students to review and reinforce their learning, aiding memory retention and deepening understanding. Parents and children can use knowledge organisers at home in the following ways:


1. Regular Review: Set aside time each week to review the knowledge organiser for the relevant subject.
2. Quiz Each Other: Test your child's knowledge by asking them questions based on the information in the organiser.
3. Create Flashcards: Use the information in the knowledge organiser to create flashcards for quick and easy review.
4. Use in Homework: Refer to the knowledge organiser when completing homework tasks to ensure understanding of key concepts.
5. Incorporate into Daily Routine: Include reviewing the knowledge organiser as part of your child's daily routine, such as during breakfast or before bedtime.


By incorporating knowledge organisers into home learning, parents can further support their child's education and help them succeed academically.

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