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At St Thomas’, we deliver an ambitious, knowledge-based geography curriculum that aims to inspire pupils’ curiosity to know more about their own locality and the wider world. It helps pupils gain skills  to be able to utilise maps in ‘seeing’, understanding, interpreting, recognising symbols and features, from the local to the global; by providing opportunities to develop and enhance the core skills to do so.

It builds foundations for children to know where we are and know what is there, giving us a sense of location; to understand the spatial layout, locations and organisation of the world and recognise the spatial distributions, landscape patterns and relationships in the environment.

A coherent, sequential knowledge and understanding of spatial sense enables them to use core knowledge to talk confidently about a range of places in Britain and the wider world.


The geography curriculum builds upon prior knowledge in a carefully sequenced curriculum, both within and between year groups, and makes links to other subject areas.

Pupils develop an understanding of key substantive concepts (maps, location, size, scale, view, landscape, country, city, place, environment, physical, human and climate) that act as threads throughout the geography curriculum from the beginning to the end of the pupils’ primary education.




Geography should: 

  1.         1. Be developed through quality teaching and learning

  2.         2. Develop thinking, questioning and interpreting skills.

  3.         3. Provide children with the geographical knowledge and skills to understand the world in which they

  4. live today.

  5.         4. Give children a knowledge of their immediate locality, the UK and that of the wider world.

  6.         5. Improve greater opportunity for learning through creativity, fieldwork and research.

  7.         6. Follow the principle aims of the New National Curriculum. 


Y5 Walk to Easdale Tarn

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