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The Mathematics Curriculum at St' Thomas'


Knowledge Rich and Academic

The National Curriculum for mathematics aims to ensure that all pupils become fluent, reason mathematically and can solve problems. We believe that a high- quality Mathematics education provides a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.


Across the school we follow the Maths No Problem approach, we are committed to ensuring that every child develops an understanding and love of Maths.  We prioritise the mastery of conceptual understanding through the use of real life/ everyday problems in every lesson. We aim for fluency in the fundamentals of Maths so that our pupils can recall and apply knowledge confidently and accurately to solve problems. We use open ended, challenging questions that enable our pupils to make connections, identify patterns and draw conclusions about Mathematics.


During each lesson all children use apparatus as visual aids. As they make progress in the lesson, they move towards using pictorial and abstract representations for Mathematical concepts. At St Thomas’ we are confident that our mastery-based approach and spiral curriculum enthuses children about Maths. It ensures they can master Mathematical skills and concepts which enable them to continue learning as they progress through school.


Reading and Vocabulary

Reading is the starting point for each of our daily Maths lessons. All lessons start with a daily ‘Explore’ real life problem which the children read and interpret to demonstrate understanding. We discuss key vocabulary and this is modelled in context throughout Maths lessons by teachers and through the lesson resources. Vocabulary is collated on class working walls and referred to during lessons. The use of workbooks ensures the children are reading and understanding key Mathematical vocabulary.


Christian Values

Children work with ‘Maths Mates’ in lessons. Collaboration and communication skills are developed through effective partner work and through the sharing of resources. Children work in mixed ability pairings and this means they have an opportunity to develop friendships across the class. Each child is encouraged to accept responsibility for their own learning. The onus is on them to check over their work and to ensure it clearly communicates their thinking and is of the highest standard.


Celebrate Diversity

We celebrate the work of famous Mathematicians during our whole school Maths weeks. We enthuse the children about achievements of individuals from different genders and cultures. As part of Maths No Problem resources different foods and cultural experiences are introduced through ‘In focus’ problems. Discussion ensures the children understand more about the lives of others.


Experiences and Life Skills

We prioritise the mastery of conceptual Maths understanding through the use of real life/ everyday problems. Children explore and investigate. Communication is key as they work alongside peers to reason, explain and justify their thinking using mathematical vocabulary.



At St Thomas’ we use Maths No Problem resources as we are committed to ensuring that every child develops an understanding and love of maths. With the right kind of teaching and support we can ensure this happens. Our Maths curriculum uses a problem- solving approach. Teachers carefully plan open ended, challenging questions which enable our children to make connections, identify patterns and draw conclusions about Mathematical concepts and problem solving.  Misconceptions are addressed as they arise and teachers actively engage children in proving their ideas, they are challenged to extend this too. Children journal their Mathematical thinking and they aim for excellence in presentation and clarity of conceptual understanding.

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