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The English Curriculum at St Thomas


At St Thomas’ CE Primary School, our English curriculum seeks to inspire, engage and motivate pupils to enjoy reading and writing, while mastering the skills needed in order to communicate effectively. Reading is securely at the heart of the curriculum, and pupils read for both information and pleasure on a daily basis. We want our pupils to have an understanding of our literary heritage and to be exposed to a wide range of authors, poets and genres.
By the time children leave St Thomas’, our pupils acquire a wide vocabulary and an understanding of grammar in order for them to have the literary skills needed to communicate appropriately through spoken and written English, and to be prepared for the next steps in their learning. Our children are able to write coherently and accurately, and are able to adapt their language and style for a range of purposes and audiences. They are skilled in using discussion to explore ideas and can explain their understanding clearly.
Our rigorous and well-organised English curriculum revisits and builds upon key learning, and provides many purposeful opportunities for speaking, reading and writing, ensuring that all children can enjoy and access the learning, while also seeking to challenge children to achieve their full potential. Pupils are exposed to a huge range of poems and texts across all year groups, with the aim of inspiring them to be life-long readers.



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