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Jesus said, ‘”Come, live your life the way God wants you to”

The Team

Picture 1 Mr M Ward: Headteacher
Picture 2 Mr P Robinson: Deputy Head Teacher & Year 4
Picture 3 Miss L Nelson: Assistant Headteacher & Year 6
Picture 4 Mrs A Eadie: School Business Manager
Picture 5 Mrs R Cowen: Teacher Year 2
Picture 6 Miss H Cosgrove,Teacher Year 3
Picture 7 Miss A Williamson: Teacher Year 1
Picture 8 Mrs E Alty: Teacher Year 5
Picture 9 Miss F Butterworth: Teacher Reception
Picture 10 Mrs S McNicholas
Picture 11 Mrs K Lockley Nursery Nurse
Picture 12 Mrs J Corness Teaching Assistant
Picture 13 Mrs P Edwards Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Mrs Dehavilland Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Miss L Cady Teaching Assistant
Picture 16 Mrs A Morton-Woods: Teaching Assistant
Picture 17 Mrs S Davis: Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Mrs D Stott: Teaching Assistant, After School Club
Picture 19 Mrs K Snowsill Teaching Assistant
Picture 20 Mr A Thorpe: Teaching Assistant
Picture 21 Mrs K Kirby Welfare Assistant and cleaner
Picture 22 Mrs G Minton: Welfare Assistant and cleaner
Picture 23 Mrs L Hughes: Welfare Assistant
Picture 24 Mrs J Herbert, Welfare Assistant
Picture 25 Mrs D Breeze: Welfare Assistant and cleaner
Picture 26 Mrs Sandra McWilliam, Welfare Assistant
Picture 27 Mrs V Evans. Welfare Assistant
Picture 28 Mrs T Mitchell: Catering
Picture 29 Mr G Pimblet: Caretaker