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Sports Premium

How do we spend our sports premium?

We came second in the gymnastics competition at Chesterfield High. Well done team!

The government has allocated Primary Sports Funding to all primary schools with the aim of improving the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, increasing participation in PE and sport so that all children develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of. We use the funding to improve the quality of teaching in PE and to promote healthy lifestyle choices that will contribute to pupils' well being.  Our current PE and sports premium allocation for this year is around £18,000.

How Do we spend our Sports Premium?



We have completed an audit of staff training needs and secured the support of specialist teachers. We have produced a training plan for the year and ensured all teachers have up to date policies and plans. The school has a good range of resources and this will be added to with guidance from the subject specialists.


The specialist teacher for PE Mrs K. Turner (Deyes High School) has worked with the PE co-ordinator to analyse the skills audit and map support to be provided. She is now delivering training units, working alongside teachers and TA's in each year group.


Sports Coaches

Our school employs two sports coaches whose role it is to lead structured play activities and lunch time clubs.  



We have developed a broad and balanced curriculum throughout the year groups and each class, from Reception to Year 6, take part in, up to, 2 hours of PE each week. The planning of PE has been supported by the specialist teachers bought in through our PE & Sports Premium Funding.


Extra-curricular activities

We have developed an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, including football, multisports, gymnastics and dance. We offer our children opportunities to take part in clubs ran by Beth Tweddle's Total Gymnastics and Jamie Carragher's Football Academy. We are continuously reviewing our extra-curricular opportunities to ensure that we offer something for every child!



We regularly audit the PE equipment and make sure it is fit for purpose.  We use some of the funding to ensure that the staff and coaches have the suitable equipment to delivery high quality school sport. 



Children from Year 1 to Year 6 have the opportunity to take place in inter school competitions through our partnerships with Chesterfield High School and MADCOS. In addition to this, all children take part in competitions through our half-termly intra-class competitions in order to win points for their House Point team. 

We are currently introducing Year Six Sports Journalists to attend competitions. These children will be trained by a member of staff and will attend sporting events to spectate and take notes in order to write an article to go on the school newsletter.


Total Gymnastics

This year we have invited Total Gymnastics (Beth Tweddle's gymnastics academy) into school to deliver high quality gymnastics lessons to children from Year One to Year Six. This is an exciting opportunity for both our children and staff;   it not only allows the children to experience outstanding gymnastics lessons but offers staff an opportunity for CPD.



We believe that swimming is an important part of the PE curriculum. Therefore, we offer all of our children, from Year Two to Year Five, the opportunity of swimming lessons taught by qualified instructors. We now emloy a specialist swimming teacher in order to work towards ensuring that every child can swim at least 25m unaided by the time that they leave KS2.


What is the impact of our Sports Premium?

  • We have been awarded the Gold School Games Kitemark 2016/17

  • The number of children participating in extra-curricular sporting activities is continuing to increase
  • We have attended and won a number of tournaments; we are particularly proud of our swimming achievements!