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Jesus said, ‘”Come, live your life the way God wants you to”

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! 
Welcome back to the final half term in Year 2. 
This term we will continue to learn about living things in Science and we will focus specifically on 'Plants'. In Geography we will develop our 'Spatial Sense'. We will learn about maps and will read and draw our own. For RE we will finish our Ascension and Pentecost unit then learn more about the church and its importance for Christians. We will enjoy a whole day visit at St. Thomas' Church to fully engage with this.
Please look at the curriculum map below to find out more about what else we have planned for this half term.

If anyone has any questions or wants to speak with us we are available after school most days, please make an appointment via the school office. If you wish to pass on a message in the morning time then please send a note in or speak to Mrs Eadie or Mrs Stevens in the office. They will make sure we are made aware. Mornings are very busy times and we need to settle the children and start learning as soon as possible. We appreciate your support with this.


We are very lucky this term because Mrs Corness will continue to work in Year 2  weekly.

Important Information:

*Please bring in your reading pack every day and try to read a little at home every day. Lets win the school Reading Challenge,Try to read 5x or more a week at home. We want everyone to get a sticker on our chart every week!

*Swimming lessons will take place every Tuesday afternoon at the Meadows leisure centre.

*Spelling challenges will take place every Friday morning.

*Please practise the 2x,5x,10x and 3x multiplication tables. We want everyone to use Times Tables Rockstar as often as possible.

*Homework will be given out each Monday and collected in by the following Monday. It can be brought back to school & placed in the Homework tray as soon as it is finished though.

Mrs Cowen & Mrs Edwards

We had a great day visiting St Thomas’ church

Meet the Teacher Information

Timetable Summer Term

Drama Freeze Frames for 'The Great Explorer' book

Children’s University Graduation Ceremony

Our class worship about Friendship

Easter workshops at Liverpool Cathedral

NSPCC Number Day Problem Solving

February Class Worship 'Jesus friend to everyone'

Geography- Our flight to Kenya

The Valentines Disco

Breakfast with Santa

Our Christmas Class Worship

'Matilda' Drama, how would you feel if you were sent to The Chokey?

Our Harvest visit to Kenyons Lodge

Science Testing

National Poetry Day Fun

Year 2 followed instructions to make disgusting sandwiches!

We have learnt that there are 66 books in the Bible. How amazing that is!