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Jesus said, ‘”Come, live your life the way God wants you to”

Family Week 7th-15th February 2013

Thursday 7th February 2.30pm Coffee Afternoon Grandparents £1pp (Max 2 tickets per family)
Friday 8th February Timetabled ICT Lessons 
Monday 11th February Timetabled Maths & Literacy Lessons
Monday 11th February Join your child for packed lunch (Infants)
Monday 11th February 1pm "Family Well Being" Workshop with Cath Morris from Children's Society
Tuesday 12th February 2-8pm Parents' Afternoon & Evening Appointments
Wednesday 13th February Join your child for packed lunch (Juniors)
Wednesday 13th February 1pm Parenting Skills Workshop with Barry & Eunice Jones
Wednesday 13th February 4pm Community Cinema "Rise of the Guardians" £2pp
Thursday 14th February Enjoy hot dinners with your child 
Thursday 14th February After School Valentine's Disco
Friday 15th February Year 4 Friendship Project Presentation

All events are provisional and subject to change by School Leadership Team