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Home Learning

Year One Home Learning


Here you will find everything you need to complete your home learning! Any links to web pages, resources and information needed will be uploaded onto this page for you to access. Enjoy! 


Easter Holidays Home Learning Challenges

RE & Worship Holy Week at Home

Below is a copy of our class table mats. These are taped to the children's desks and can be used within all lessons. A printed version has also been sent home. This image may be useful to store on tablets/laptops for portable reference.

We are finding these very useful, and the more the children use them, the more efficient they are becoming at using them to support their independent work. 


PLEASE NOTE: Each column of graphemes (written versions of the sound [made up of single or multiple letters]) have the same phoneme (sound)

e.g.  the first column:      ai       ay    a_e  

Picture 1
Picture 1

Holy Week Home Resource

Cursive Handwriting Script

Daily Copies of Lessons

Please find a PDF copy of the Prowise Presentations used within the daily Zoom lessons. Please use this to support your child with their home learning. You may wish to revisit any areas your child is struggling with. The last slide will give you examples of how to give a challenge to your child if they are confidently applying the skills or knowledge taught in the session. 

All activities will be uploaded onto the Seesaw app, with full instructions. 

How can I represent numbers?

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Useful Websites: