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Jesus said, ‘”Come, live your life the way God wants you to”


The Five Be Experiences at St Thomas’


At St Thomas, we want our pupils to have a wealth of experiences that enrich the curriculum and nurture the whole child. Our experiences are split into five different categories which have been developed through consultation with staff, pupils, parents and governors.




Be an Explorer

We want our pupils to explore God’s wonderful world. At St Thomas, we would like our pupils to foster a love of the great outdoors. We believe our pupils should experience a taste of everything that life has to offer outside of the four walls of a classroom. It is important that our pupils value all that nature has to offer and learn to respect the precious world we are so fortunate to live in. Through our outdoor experiences, pupils will learn how to care for and nurture the environment along with taking part in trips filled with awe and wonder at our wonderful world.

By the end of KS2, we will have:

  • Pupils who appreciate our role in protecting and caring for the environment
  • Pupils who have a knowledge of how to care for the environment and wildlife
  • Pupils who have a love of the great outdoors and are keen to spend time outside
  • Pupils who are passionate about outdoor activities and are keen to take them up as hobbies
  • Pupils who are curious about the great outdoors and want to explore further


Be an Advocate

We would like our pupils to develop a deep understanding of their local area, including its history and geographical features. Through this knowledge and understanding, pupils will become advocates for their local areas.  We want pupils to understand the diverse world in which we live. Pupils will learn about people of different race, culture and faith and the challenges faced by minority groups, including discrimination and prejudice.

By the end of KS2, we will have:

  • Pupils who can talk confidently about the place in which we live
  • Pupils who respect and understand cultural diversity
  • Pupils who appreciate that we are fortunate in many ways
  • Pupils who understand prejudice and discrimination and how it should not be tolerated in today’s society



Be the Best Version of Myself

We want our pupils to develop the skills needed to be successful as they move towards high school and beyond. We know that pupils may face challenges and obstacles as they move through the many stages in their lives and we want to equip them with the basic life skills they will need. We want pupils to have confidence in unfamiliar situations and deep routed self-belief.

By the end of KS2, we will have:

  • Pupils who can swim unaided and have basic water safety skills
  • Pupils who can prepare a simple meal and know how to eat healthily
  • Pupils who can make their own bed and help around the home
  • Pupils who are confident approaching new experiences
  • Pupils who have good interpersonal skills
  • Pupils who are keen to try new things
  • Pupils who have a basic understanding of financial literacy
  • Pupils who have the necessary cultural capital to succeed in life


Be Inspired

We value the individuality of our pupils know that each child will have their own hobbies and interests. We know that a great world awaits our pupils, yet it is our job to open the doors to allow them to be inspired by everything the world has to offer. We want to open our pupils’ eyes to new experiences which will encourage them to independently explore their own interests.

By the end of KS2, we will have:

  • Pupils who have taken part in activities that had never heard or been part of
  • Pupils who have challenged themselves to try something new and enjoyed it
  • Pupils who have visited local places of interest such as museums and galleries
  • Pupils who have been inspired to take up a new hobby
  • Pupils who are considering their futures



Be a Good Samaritan

Our Christian Values are at the heart of everything we do at St Thomas. Pupils will demonstrate our values of Peace, Compassion, Friendship, Responsibility and Thankfulness in everything they do, but we feel it is important to offer pupils further opportunities to demonstrate their values and help others. Pupils will understand the importance of caring for the people around them and across the world. Pupils will develop an understanding of the impact they can have on the lives of others.

By the end of KS2, we will have:

  • Pupils who have helped others in needs, including vulnerable groups of people
  • Pupils who understand how they can help others in a variety of different ways
  • Pupils who appreciate the value of supporting their peers and members of the school community
  • Pupils who actively seek opportunities to help others
  • Pupils who understand how they can have a positive impact on the lives of others. 


St. Thomas’ Five Be Experiences Overview



Be an explorer


Be an advocate


Be the best version of myself


Be inspired


Be a good Samaritan



Care for the school chickens

Visit our church and know why it is special

Life skills -

Be confident in a swimming pool

Visit a museum and take a trip on the ferry  – Liverpool



Organise a tea party for our local community.


Year 1

Eco Centre –

Explorer workshop

Wildlife conservation -Formby Nature Reserve

Life skills -

Get dressed independently – tying laces and doing buttons.

Visit the Royal Philharmonic



Be a courageous advocate –

Do something…a day in May!


Year 2

Make a den in a woods –

Gorse Hill Nature Reserve

Refugee Centre

Life skills -

Go camping

Visit the Anglican Cathedral



Care for the local environment – litter picking.



Year 3

Get your feet wet in a river -Hothersall Lodge

Visit a different place of worship –


Life skills -

Make my own bed.


Visit an art gallery –

Walker Art Gallery



Shelter the homeless.

Year 4

Go caving -Ingleton Falls


(Not taking place this year)

Visit a different place of worship –


Life skills -

Perform for an audience –

djembe drums.

Visit our capital –

Trip to London



Raise funds for and awareness of refugees.





Year 5

Climb a mountain - Grasmere



Racial equality -

World slavery museum

Life skills

Independence and communication. Getting out of our comfort zone!

Young Shakespeare



Reception buddies.

Year 6

Kayak across a lake and toast marshmallows around a campfire –

YMCA residential

Imperial War Museum



Life skills -

Money management


STEM Big Bang experience



Archbishop of York Award.





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