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Jesus said, ‘”Come, live your life the way God wants you to”


At St. Thomas’, we are looking forward to welcoming all children back to school in September. We are working hard to ensure that St Thomas is as safe as possible for children and staff. We will continue to work with our local authority, school staff, unions and our specialist health and safety advisors to support our school.

St Thomas C of E Primary school will:

  • Work within the parameters of Government guidance to plan methodically for a full reopening
  • Follow the scientific, health and educational advice available to determine our approach to a full re-opening and respond accordingly to any changes in guidance
  • Find solutions that best meet the needs of their individual circumstances
  • Engage fully with staff, unions, and Governors to ensure that all are consulted about the risk assessments and have contributed to the planning.
  • Follow the Government guidance and use risk assessments to determine which staff can work in school, recognising that from August 1 the Government “expects that most staff will attend school”.
  • Work alongside Compliance Education Ltd (our specialist Health and Safety advisors) to ensure that risk assessments and school re-opening plans are re-visited and updated to allow for all children to return to school safely
  • Use the risk assessments to plan what measures need to be put in place to ensure safety of pupils, staff, and families in each individual school, including for staff who are shielding.
  • Make plans to ensure all children receive a full-time education through a broad and balanced curriculum and that learning time is not reduced


Whole school Return
The government have set out that all children from all year groups should return to full time school from the beginning of the autumn term. As stated by the government, returning to school is vital for children’s education and for their wellbeing. It has also been stated that staff in schools pose no greater risk than other occupations and prevalence of the disease has now decreased. We are therefore looking forward to fully opening the school on Thursday 3rd September to all year groups. We will also be following guidelines in the reopening of NRG and our school clubs.


Protective Measures
We will be putting in the following safety measures based on DfE guidance and advice from Health and Safety experts


  • Each year will form a ‘team’. Children will be kept in their ‘team’ throughout the day;
  • Each ‘team’ to remain within their classroom except to go to an allocated toilet, lunchtime zone and use their designated outside areas;
  • Strict hand washing provision will be put into place. Children to wash their hands on arrival, before and after eating lunch and wherever appropriate;
  • Each team will be provided a sanitising kit with disposable cloths, disinfectant cleaning spray and disposable gloves, classrooms will also be provided with tissues;
  • The number of children going to the toilet at any one time should be monitored and managed;
  • Toilet areas, including toilets and sinks, will be cleaned and bins emptied at regular intervals throughout the day;
  • Children will be an allocated a toilet to use;
  • Touch zones such as door handles will be cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day;
  • Classroom windows will remain open to increase ventilation;
  • In order to reduce the risk of infection and transmission, children from each ‘team’ to have minimal contact with children from another ‘team’;
  • Social distancing markings will be placed at various points both inside and outside of the school building (e.g. pathways and at entry points from playground) for guidance;
  • Classroom environments are being adapted e.g. removal of hard-to-clean items;
  • Children from Year 2 to Year 6 will be seated in forward facing rows;
  • Children will be allocated their own workspace in class. Children should remain in this workspace throughout the day;
  • Staff and children must wash or sanitise their hands before using any shared resources;
  • Separate opening times, break times and collection times to be implemented;
  • Children to have their own named pencil cases with a stationery set that stays in school;
  • No parents or non-essential visitors allowed in school.