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Jesus said, ‘”Come, live your life the way God wants you to”

RE & Worship

Religious Education and Worship


Our identity as a Church of England School lies at the heart of our ethos and we enjoy close links with our school church, St. Thomas’ in Lydiate. Our commitment to sharing our Christian identity is embedded within our Vision and Values and the curriculum as a whole.


At St. Thomas’ we have six main Christian Values, which are:

Compassion, Thankfulness, Responsibility, Peace, Friendship and Respect

Each half term the whole school focuses on one of our values, which means the children really get to explore these values in greater depth.


Our Religious Education lessons are based on the syllabus provided by the Diocese of Liverpool. Lessons are challenging and thought provoking as children are encouraged to deepen their understanding of their faith and consider how they can relate this to their own lives. 


Collective Worship forms our thoughts for the week and explores how this can contribute to our wider understanding of the world. We enjoy worship led by the headteacher, members of staff, Reverend Paul and other members of the Christian community. Children are also encouraged to plan, lead and evaluate worship throughout the school.


Church School Links


Jesus said, "Come, follow me and live your lives the way that God wants you to". 

St Thomas’ School is at the heart of our Parish and Community life and I am both proud and delighted of the close links and excellent relationships that both Church and School have.


Building good relationships is a key Christian aim and is something we take seriously at St Thomas’. Our Christian values – Compassion, Thankfulness, Responsibility, Peace, Friendship and Respect – are at the heart of what both Church and School do together. These values are not just for the children but are for all of us to hold on to and reflect in our lives.  Jesus spent his time with people, journeying with them and building relationships with them and encouraging them to be the people God has called them to be. This is what we hope to model – both adults and children – as we go about our daily lives.


Being part of St Thomas’ School is being part of St Thomas’ Church.  One worshipping, learning community bound together by our faith. We are one community under God, with a relationship of compassion, thankfulness and friendship. We hope and pray that you want to be part of this community.


The Revd Paul Robinson


 “The school is extremely successful in creating a caring and Christian environment in which children thrive and are happy” SIAMS 2013.