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Forthcoming Meetings

These meetings are very informal and we would like to see new parents come together to help raise funds for our children at school - everyone is welcome so please do come along. All meetings are on a Tuesday and start at 7.30pm and take place in the school hall.



No further dates for this school year, new dates will be set in September 18. 


Forthcoming Events 


Tuesday 17th July - End of Year Service (with refreshments)


This will be the last event of this school year so take a look again in September 18. 

Does your company provide Cash Matching? Are you unsure? Can you help the PTA? - see the information below regarding cash matching for further details.

Please look at the photos from some events we have held and also see our Newsletters and  PTA Meeting minutes.

The PTA noticeboard situated on the school wall as you enter the infant playground has the full years events displayed. 




PTA Newsletters


Gallery 1 Bonfire Disco 2016
Gallery 2 Bonfire Disco 2016
Gallery 3 Bonfire Disco 2016
Gallery 4 Bonfire Disco 2016
Gallery 5 Bonfire Disco 2016
Gallery 6 Bonfire Disco 2016
Gallery 7 Bonfire Disco 2016
Gallery 8 Bonfire Disco 2016
Gallery 9 Bonfire Disco 2016
Gallery 10 Bonfire Disco 2016
Gallery 11 School Camp 2015
Gallery 12 School Camp 2015
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Gallery 14 School Camp 2015
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Gallery 16 School Camp 2015
Gallery 17 School Camp 2015
Gallery 18 School Camp 2015
Gallery 19 School Camp 2015
Gallery 20 School Camp 2015
Gallery 21 School Camp 2015
Gallery 22 Formby Hall Summer Ball
Gallery 23 Valentines Disco 2013
Gallery 24 Enjoying the inflatable instruments
Gallery 25 Christmas Fayre 2012 Donkey Rides
Gallery 26 Gangham Style at the Disco
Gallery 27 Valentines Disco 2013
Gallery 28 Breakfast with Santa
Gallery 29 Toast for Breakfast with Santa
Gallery 30 Breakfast with Santa 2012
Gallery 31 Christmas Fayre 2012
Gallery 32 Christmas Fayre 2012
Gallery 33 Christmas Fayre 2012 - Grotto!
Gallery 34 Christmas Fayre 2012 - Santa
Gallery 35 Christmas Fayre 2012 - Grotto!
Gallery 36 Christmas Fayre 2012 - Grotto!
Gallery 37 PTA Preparing for Christmas Fayre
Gallery 38 Pamper Evening 2012
Gallery 39 Ladies Pamper Evening