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General Information

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Class teacher: Mrs Alty   Teaching assistant: Mrs Morton-Woods


PE and games lessons


 PE and games lessons will take place every Monday some Friday afternoons, however this may change from time to time due to weather.  Therefore, please ensure a games and indoor PE kit is kept in school at all times.  Please remember to label all PE clothes.



​Children will receive a list of ten spellings every Friday for a test the following Friday. These spellings will include some words from the Year Five spelling list (a link for those is in the English part of our class page) and some words based around a particular spelling rule that we have been studying that week.

Times Tables


There are no set times tables to learn during Year Five, however we will practise these regularly throughout the week through our Super Tables and children should continue to practise at home.




Homework will be set on a Wednesday to be completed for the following Wednesday .  This work will usually closely link to the work we have been doing in class during that week.



Children will still need to bring their book bags and Learning Journals to school with them everyday and they should continue to read at home as often as possible.  Children will receive a colour-banded book.  Please listen to your child read their banded book however, they are free to read any books for pleasure!

Autumn Term Timetable

Autumn Term 2 Timetable

Spring Timetable