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Educational Visits

Educational visits are taken to places of interest to enhance curriculum work. These could be as near as the local park, Sefton Coast, or a destination where coach/train travel is necessary e.g. London. 

Visits are targeted at enhancing childrens learning and social experiances.

The children benefit greatly from these experiences, both educationally and socially. There is usually one educational visit per term per class.

Parents are invited to make a voluntary contribution to cover the cost of educational visits. Without this financial support, the visits could not take place. The Head Teacher has the right to cancel any trips if there are insufficient voluntary contributions (see Charging Policy 2012).

Year 6 children also have the opportunity to go on a residential visit. At least six months notice is given so that the cost can be paid over a long period. No child will be excluded from these visits because of financial restrictions, however, if there are insufficient voluntary contributions the viability of the trip may have to be reassessed.