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Design Technology

As a school we are committed to providing all children with learning opportunities to engage in Design Technology.



Design Technology offers opportunities for children to:


·       Develop their repertoire of skills and knowledge in order to design and make products.

·       Develop the social skills necessary to work as a member of a team.

·       Refine and review their work.

·       Develop a sense of enjoyment and pride in their ability to make.

·       Nurture creativity and innovation through designing and making;

·       Communicate ideas and information through a variety of media.

·       Develop the ability to identify safety hazards and risks and take appropriate action.

·       Value own work through display.


Gallery 1 Y2 Weaving Hokusai's 'The Great Wall'
Gallery 2 Y1 Making puppets
Gallery 3 Y3 Nutritional cookery
Gallery 4 Y5 Using materials to make lighthouses
Gallery 5 Y5 Viking Longboats
Gallery 6 Y6 Modroc Olympian Models
Gallery 7 Hydraulic moving models
Gallery 8 Olympic torches with lights operated by a switch
Gallery 9 Y2 Moving vehicles
Gallery 10 Baking Y3
Gallery 11 Baking Y3
Gallery 12 Y6 Shelters